The GodlyLifeforSuccess™ blog is an interactive venue for delivering Christ’s message in a manner designed to reach out and to equip individual Christian believers and seekers by delivering a Christ-inspired message through blog chats.  The GodlyLifeforSuccess™ blog focuses on creating value for Christian interactions by applying a model for building your assets and reducing your liabilities with obedience to God such that people and organizations make consistent Christ-based choices toward leading successful lives of significance for Him.

We live in a morally-relativistic world that is ever more desperately in need of successful Christian men and women steeped in the values God taught us as the caretakers of His creation.  Yet, we often confuse trying to find the meaning of life, when we should be seeking the meaning in life.  As Christians, as Godly people, we need to be a proactive force against the amoral influence of secular humanism.  We need to believe and achieve through Christ; we must put His teachings into practice.  Visit at www.godlylifeforsuccess.com.