Nueces Grit: Texans Answer the Call is slated for release in early December 2021.  This fifth Tumbleweed Saga continues Texas Ranger Luke Dunn’s epic adventures during the early years of the War Between the States, as he’s called upon to bring law and order to the South Texas frontier while hamstrung with limited resources owing to the ongoing rebellion.  Nueces Grit will be available online in print, eAudio, and eBook from Amazon and other popular booksellers.

Nueces Blood: Texans Prepare for War continues the epic adventures of Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn, whose life becomes forever etched by the vast prairies of the Nueces Strip of 1860.  This fourth Tumbleweed Saga is rooted in the events and challenges leading up to the War Between the States.  Dunn’s call to duty drives him in his quest for bringing lawbreakers to justice creates a cycle of hunters becoming the hunted, as cattle thieves, whores, murderers, and Comanche are woven into this tale of the Texas frontier that stretches from Corpus Christi to Laredo.  The Comanche call Dunn Ghost-Who-Rides, young Elisa’s heart is set ablaze for her Ranger Captain, outlaws seek to kill a Ranger to become famous, and everything converges in little Nuecestown, Texas.

Nicholas Dunn: The Making of a Texas Legend, a biography by Tumbleweed Sagas author Mark Greathouse, was released December 22, 2020 by Defiance Press & Publishing.  It follows my three Tumbleweed Sagas: Nueces Justice, Nueces Reprise, and Nueces Deceit.   All of my books are available online in print, audio, and eBook through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets as well as at DefiancePress.com.   With the biographical Nicholas Dunn: The Making of a Texas Legend   Greathouse shares the life of his Great Great Grandfather Nicholas Dunn who gained fame as Comanche fighter, marksman, drover, rancher, speculator, and family man of deep faith.  He was a true Texas legend who somehow managed to avoid becoming a character in the old dime store pamphlets.  It’s exciting to share Dunn’s story with my readers and especially folks around Corpus Christi and Alice, Texas.  Watch for the next Tumbleweed Sagas sequel, Nueces Blood, scheduled for release March 2021.

Back Story

 Who is Tumbleweed?

As I tell it, my dear cousin Jim Holmgreen took note of my tendency to randomly travel about from one destination to another during my frequent visits to Texas.  So, Jim nicknamed me “Tumbleweed.”  I rather took to it.

I came up with the idea for a blog to post mostly about the west, its history, and my writings and videos.  I already had experience with a since discontinued  life-advice blog.  So in addition to a place to host videos about my books, I needed a blog name that would expand on random thoughts, topics, and stories about life in general.  Tumbleweed seemed ideal, and so it goes.  It rolls along, but it can be thorny.  To date, my publisher (Defiance Press & Publishing) has published my four Tumbleweed Sagas and a biography of Nicholas Dunn.  Upcoming is the fifth Saga, another biography, and alt-history novel, and a sixth Tumbleweed Saga.

By way of further introduction, I’m a retired business executive, entrepreneur, private equity investor, educator, and community activist that turned to a new career authoring western genre fiction.  I am a member of Western Writers of America and belong to a handful of state and local book writing and poetry groups.  I hold a BA and MBA, but those really don’t matter all that much in the scheme of things.  My wife and I plan to move to Texas in the near future.

Tumbleweed Talks Video

I strive to deliver compelling “Tumbleweed Talks” videos via YouTube, as I seek to become a leading voice for subscribers to achieve personal significance by crafting messages of finding meaning in life, establishing a relationship with God, and rising above everyday life challenges through parallels with the taming of the American west.  Of course, the themes within my Tumbleweed Sagas novels, beginning with Nueces Justice, also appear in brief videos.  My videos are also posted to my Facebook page at Tumbleweed Sagas.

The Tumbleweed Sagas

As a fifth-generation Texan, I’m pleased to introduce my Tumbleweed Sagas and my Texan biographies (another is in the works).   You can also find me on the author pages at Goodreads and Amazon.  I’m available to groups for author book talks, signings, and interviews.

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