Back Story

 Who is Tumbleweed

As I tell it, my dear cousin Jim Holmgreen took note of my tendency to randomly travel about from one destination to another during my visits to Texas.  So, Jim nicknamed me “Tumbleweed.”  I rather took to it.

I came up with the idea for a blog to post about general life issues.  I already had experience with a since discontinued  Christian-based blog, www.GodlyLifeforSuccess.com.  So, I needed a blog name that would expand on random thoughts, topics, and stories about life in general.  Tumbleweed seemed ideal, and so it goes.  It rolls along, but it can be thorny.

Tumbleweed Talks Video

GTG Solutions, LLC delivers its compelling “Tumbleweed Talks” videos via YouTube, as it seeks to become a leading voice for subscribers to achieve personal significance by crafting messages of finding meaning in life, establishing a relationship with God, and rising above everyday life challenges.

The Tumbleweed Sagas

As a sixth-generation Texan, I’m pleased to introduce Nueces Justice, the first of the “Tumbleweed Sagas.”  Join with me as I weave a tale of passion, courage, danger, and destiny on the vast prairies of Texas’ Nueces Strip of 1856.  Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn’s life is forever etched in the lore of the Strip, a perilous and unpredictable frontier stretching from Corpus Christi to Laredo.  In Nueces Justice, the Strip begins to reveal its long-held secrets.  Follow me on www.Tumbleweed.me and watch for 2019 release.

Politically Incorrect

Those who know me well are aware that I’ve got a rebellious streak.  I do tend to express my opinions and can assure readers that the progressive left side of the political spectrum gets their feathers riled up, when I spout off on issues of the day.  A certain political candidate whom we all know would surely put me in her basket of “deplorables.”  Dang, but I’m so proud of that moniker.

Please don’t be offended, if I occasionally post something you aren’t in agreement with.  You’re welcome to respond…civilly and respectfully.

No topic is out of bounds, as I tumble from among various subjects.  All I can say is watch out for tumbleweeds.  They can be thorny.

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