Why Buy Nueces Justice?

Think on:  “…us, who, born in the midst of peace and plenty, now find ourselves floundering rather hopelessly in the quagmires of political impotency and spiritual confusion?”  Mary Maude Dunn Wright (aka Lilith Lorraine) 1932

Why would any self-respecting person purchase a copy of Nueces Justice?  While I appreciate the western genre legacies of Louis L’Amour, William Johnstone, and Larry McMurtry, I do bring a refreshing sort of spin to western fiction.  Be assured, the Tumbleweed Sagas aren’t your grandparents’ western novels.  As to Nueces Justice, if you’re gonna climb into that saddle, be ready for the ride.  And ride it will be, as sequels will be along right soon.

Now, if you like history, you’ll find it in Nueces Justice.  After all, westerns represent a slice of Americana.  If you’re up for action; well, they say courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.  Looking for romance?  Yep, there’s a bit of romance, too.  Of course, there’s justice; the consequence of lawbreaking.  So, if you’ve got the good sense to spit downwind, this novel is for you.

But, why buy Nueces Justice?  I urge you to reread the “think on” quote above.  It’s actually from my cousin in the introduction she wrote for her father’s biography, The Perilous Trails of Texas.  Nueces Justice will transport you on an adventure to an era long past so as to better understand the trail you’re on today.  Might you have acquitted yourself as well as the settlers of the frontier, brought order to chaos, cleared a wilderness, forged a birthright of peace and plenty, safeguarded freedom?  Set on the Texas Nueces Strip of 1856, Nueces Justice will help you to better understand the mindset of the folks that built the west, that built our heritage of which Lilith Lorraine laments.

I invite you to purchase Nueces Justice today and share in the adventures of protagonist Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn whose life becomes forever etched on the vast prairies of the Nueces Strip.  His quest for bringing lawbreakers to justice creates a cycle of hunters becoming the hunted, as cattle thieves, whores, murderers, and Comanche are woven into this tale of the Texas frontier that stretches from Corpus Christi to Laredo.  Indeed, Luke Dunn forges the heritage that underpins the Texas of today.  Release by Defiance Press & Publishing is July 30 in print, audio, and eBook, and discounted pre-order is available today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other popular outlets.  Thanks. Y’all take care now.